collaborating with creatives
to make creative things since 2002


In the words of the great Bill Bernbach, Creativity is the intangible thing that makes the difference. That’s the difference that we aim to bring to every project that you send our way.


Although a camel is said to be a horse designed by committee, we believe firmly in the power of collaboration. Because when it comes to creating magic for you, everyone has a part to play.


From commercials and promos to features and short films, the success of our work rests on how well it connects with people, both commercially and emotionally. Otherwise, why would you make it?


Our diverse range of directors, from exciting new talent to seasoned pros means we will always find the right fit for your script. And, of course, the best way to bring it to life.


At Jumper, we not only know how to tell a story but also how to make it work hard for your brand, delivering your message to the people who matter to you.


It’ll never make us rich but we just love doing it, so our film division is always busy, resulting in a number of highly regarded short films for Screen Ireland/Fís Éireann

Got An Idea? Talk To Us!

From outline thoughts to fully formed ideas,
feel free to talk to us at any stage of the process and see what we can bring to the party!