It’ll never make us rich but we just love doing it, so our film division is always busy, resulting in a number of highly regarded short films for Screen Ireland/Fís Éireann. From shorts to features, we’re kept pretty busy and here’s a few samples of what we’ve done so far.

Fontaines DC – Roys Tune

Directed by Liam Papadachi and Co-Produced with Agile Films UK

Nice Night For It. 

Directed by Rachel Cary for Irish Film Board


Directed by Kate Dolan for Irish Film Board, Executive Produced by Fiona Kinsella


Directed by Ged Murray for Short Grass Films

Small Shoes

Directed by Kate Dolan for MotionPoems

Sophie At The Races

Directed by Alan Friel for Irish Film Board

Goodbye Darling

Directed by Maria Elena Doyle for Irish Film Board

Washed Up Love

Directed by Dylan Cotter for Irish Film Board

The Meaning of Lifeguard

Directed by Dylan Cotter for Fun


Dental Breakdown

Directed by Ian Power for Irish Film Board